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Simple Effective Solutions to Real Water Quality Problems

You've got serious water quality problems, we've got simple effective solutions. Our ICS (Integrated Cartridge Solutions) line of water treatment systems take water treatment to a new level. ICS water treatment systems produce high quality water without salt, harsh chemicals, waste water or power in a small package with simple annual maintenance. Most waters can be treated with our ICS products but for bigger or other more specialized problems our more traditional automatic Cascadian Solutions will be the right treatment for you.

Eco-Friendly Solutions to Real Problems

ICS Solution Benefits Include:

  • Each PolyHalt® conditioner saves 1,000's of gallons of waste water and dozens of bags of salt each and every year.
  • Easy Maintenance – simply drain the housing with the included bottom drain valve and change the cartridges in a few minutes.
  • PolyCor technology reduces the overall system size and cost to a minimum.
  • Compact space saving size - can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Large filters result in fewer filter cartridge changes and less maintenance.

Water quality problems treatable with ICS systems include:

  • Mineral / Hardness Deposits
  • Orange, Red, Brown, Black and Blue Stains
  • Etching and Pitting
  • Bad Taste and Odor Including Chlorine Removal
  • Low pH Problems
  • Appliance / Pipe Corrosion

PolyHalt® based systems replace or enhance these traditional automatic water treatment technologies;

  • Water Softeners
  • Iron Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Activated Carbon Filters (taste and odor)
  • Acid Neutralizing Filters (raises low pH)
  • Sediment Filters

The PolyHalt®series:

The PolyHalt® cartridge series is a cornerstone of the ICS product line and employs long proven sequestration technology. PolyHalt® conditions water without needing salt or producing a waste water stream. The PolyHalt®series is truly revolutionary. Go to the PolyHalt Page and be sure to visit the FAQ's Page for more information.

PolyCor™ Technology:

With innovative PolyCor™ technology PolyHalt® is placed within the core of select cartridge filters. With PolyCor™ technology all the benefits of PolyHalt® are brought to the ICS product line without an additional filter. Keeping the number of filters in an ICS system to a minimum reduces overall system size while saving valuable natural resources. PolyCor™ is a major contributor to the Eco-Friendly benefits of ICS filtration systems. For more information on PolyCor™ technology please visit the FAQ's Page.

More information:

Please follow the various links at the top left side of page. For fully automatic systems please visit and for commercial, industrial and community filtration and conditioning please visit

About Us:

O3 Water Systems manufactures the CASCADIAN® Solutions(for higher flows and bigger problems) and ICS lines of water treatment products and is a wholesale distributor of complementary products that when combined provide the very best treatment solutions available. Founded in 1994 in Snohomish WA. O3 Water Systems, Inc. is now located in Cle Elum, WA. where our new facility is dedicated to water treatment solutions manufacturing, warehousing and training.


"Water treatment is what we know and is all we do"

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